Video Interviewing through Covid-19 and beyond.

Posted in News Video Interviewing through Covid-19 and beyond.

With the current climate the world is having to find new ways to adapt previous norms. The job market has been no exception with the huge increase in video interviews.

While Video interviewing comes as second nature to some it is always worth taking a few minutes to familiarize yourself with best practices.

Here are just a few tips on how to best prepare and make efficient use of your time:

  • Make sure your technology is working beforehand (run a test)
  • Find a quiet spot with no distractions, let your friends and family know you have an important interview scheduled
  • Background. It’s always worth having a quick tidy and ensuring you don’t reveal a little more into your personal life than you need to.
  • Establish a relationship quickly, build up a rapport in the first few minutes of your video call that could provide a foundation for the rest of your interview
  • Prepare questions that you might not have prepared if you were meeting in-person. Examples: “How would you describe the work environment? How is the office structured/setup?”
  • Be authentic and represent your best self, be aware of your body language and ensure to dress professionally (at least hide those Pajama Bottoms!)

For more tips check out this awesome link from our friend Blake at LinkedIn.