Buffalo and Oxpecker
Symbiotic Mutualism between the Oxpecker and the Buffalo. The Oxpecker is nourished whilst removing ticks from a Buffalo

Advancing Together.

Our mission is to help advance research in life sciences. We deliver on this mission by partnering with our clients to recruit the best candidates to fit their culture and their goals.

We partner with small and medium sized life sciences companies to build their teams and centralise their external recruitment. With dedicated talent acquisition consultants, on-site culture assessments, hiring coaching and a proven, results-driven process you can depend on us for all your recruitment needs.



We ask questions, we listen and we analyze to establish clear goals and uncover what drives each individual need.


We commit to open and direct communication with our clients and our candidates, managing expectations no matter what changes may arise.


We believe that smarter recruiting demands a personal approach. For us, that means humans over portals every time. We are here to remove the guesswork.

We are your recruitment partner.
We are specialist consultants, candidate advisors and employment coaches.

  • Lewis Ramsey


    “The foundations of any successful recruitment are built on open and honest communication. Hiring the right people isn’t just about filling an empty chair. It is as much about adding the right personalities and values as it is skills and credentials”

    A creative and strategic leader with a passion for quality and problem solving. Lewis brings a wealth of experience assisting scientific organizations to attract and secure key appointments around the globe.

  • Amanda Petersen

    Senior Principal Consultant

    “Hiring the best people you can is an important task but ensuring you retain them is an essential step towards your company’s success. It’s the consultant’s role to establish and ultimately match longer-term aspirations with the right opportunities.”

    A leader in the field of Talent Acquisition and Employment Coaching with a passion to build successful teams and develop individuals. Amanda brings an unwavering commitment to any project and always works towards her client’s long-term goals.

“In our business expansion to North America, Symbiotica was essential in identifying excellent candidates for key positions that were critical for our success. We established a great relationship and quickly saw them as an extension of our strong team. What we valued the most was their dedication, enthusiasm, responsiveness as well as their deep knowledge of the biotech space. I highly recommend Symbiotica to anyone that is in need of a professional and passionate recruitment consultancy!”

-IDA GRUNDBERG, Chief Scientific Officer, Olink Proteomics

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